Aritzia grey parka with fur

Warmest winter grey parka with furGoose down grey parka with fur Goose down grey parka with fur and UGGS Snow ready goose down parka with fur Snow ready goose down parka with fur Super warm parka and uggs

Parka – Aritzia

Mittens – Aritzia

Jeans – Garage Clothing

Boots – Uggs

Well friends we still have a couple more months of this cold weather, so I recommend you stay warm with a new parka.  The black parka I have been wearing for years has been wonderful, but I’m having some zipper troubles. What worked out so great, was my hubby surprised me with this new grey TNA parka for Christmas!!  He really was listening to me subtly complain about my other one being old etc.  The best part was he chose the one I would have picked (amazing, right?)  I guess after all these years he knows me very well.  How is your hubby/partner at picking out clothing for you?  Sometimes it’s a little concerning, but now with my daughter to help, I’m in luck!

Let’s chat about Aritzia for a second, because how nice are their clothes and outerwear?! We now have a store at our local mall, so I’m a happy girl.  Often, I just go in to browse and wish I could buy everything in there.  I have had great experiences with their clothing, they wear well and are comfortable.  So, when I opened my gift and read Aritiza on the box, I was super excited!

My exact parka is in the warm category, and is the vegan version (no goose down) of the Avoriaz style.  You can choose ones that are filled with goose down for extra coziness.  However, this jacket is just as warm as my previous goose down parka.  I love that it isn’t black for a change.  The closures on the front zipper flap are magnetic, as well as the ones on the arms and pockets.  No struggling with snaps.  My choice is always a long parka to cover my booty and to keep that pesky wind out.

The cute knitted mittens are TNA, and have soft faux fur inside for comfort and warmth.

The black jeans I’m wearing are my favorites with the peek-a-boo knees.  I decided to finish off this look with classic black Ugg’s.  Seriously guys, I still love my Ugg’s and wear them proudly like it’s 2002!

How are you staying warm this winter?  Are you into the long parka or do you prefer the shorter more cropped style?


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  1. Love your parka!! I am wishing to buy this one for upcoming winter. We don’t have a aritiza, so will have to order online. Would you be able to tell me what size yours is? And how it fits?


    1. Yes! I’m wearing an XS. It is fitted and very comfortable. I normally wear a size 0 in clothing for reference. Really warm jacket!

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