Valentine's Day date night at home

Spend a romantic Valentine's Day at home, great ideasThe first thing that comes to mind when I think of February is “gosh it’s cold.”  Then most importantly, my hubby’s birthday is in there too.  For everyone else, Valentine’s Day is often on our minds.  It’s the day we either love or hate.  I personally think it’s nice to have an excuse to spend extra quality time with my man.  Pre-marriage when we were still dating, we made sure we showered each other with gifts and fabulous dinners.  That’s what you do right?  You want to impress.

Now, we have have been together forever it seems, (in a good way) and have decided going overboard isn’t necessary.  We haven’t changed things that much since having our daughter.  Sometimes we get a babysitter, (one of the Grandma’s) and head out to a cute restaurant for dinner.

Valentine's day ideas

The past couple of years we have decided that staying at home and celebrating can be just as nice or better!  I have compiled a list of a few things you can do to enjoy some “couple” time at home …… after the kids have gone to bed of course.


1. Cook together!  Make your favorite recipe or a new one you have been wanting to try out.  We love homemade chicken Parmesan and Caesar salad.

2. Order in your favorite food or grab take out.  Make sure to call ahead to avoid long wait times!

3. Cozy up with candlelight by the fireplace and sip on champagne or wine of choice.  Don’t forget to turn on some of your favorite music! Songs bring back great memories and now is the time to create some new ones.

4. Have a bubble bath and light your Natura Soy candles!

5. If the kids are still up and old enough, they can play waiter/waitress and serve you dinner!  I like that idea and hopefully they think it’s fun?!!

6. Cuddle on the couch and put on a new movie you haven’t seen.  Maybe a romantic one, if your man will agree to it.

7. Go through old photos of you as a couple.  You are bound to have a lot of laughs and remember why you fell in love.

8. Get into your PJ’s (or lingerie, whatever you’re into) jump into bed with yummy snacks and drinks and RELAX! Don’t worry about the crumbs, deal with them later.

Romantic Valentine's day idea for home Natura Soy


Valentine's day candle from Natura Soy

When I’m home, I love lighting candles and making my house smell delicious.  Scents can trigger certain thoughts and feelings. I want to remember my relaxing and romantic Valentine’s Day, by burning my new Natura Soy XOXO and Be My Valentine candles.  They arrived at my doorstep last week and I made sure to show you on Insta Stories. Unfortunately you cannot smell them through the phone, which is a shame.

Lucky for you, you can get your very own Natura Soy candle with a special 15% discount by using Natura15 at the checkout.

Happy planning for your romantic Valentine’s Day!! Let me know in the comments what you have going on!


***The candles were provided for me by Natura Soylights.  The thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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    1. Thank you Chelsea! It can be stressful trying to make the day so perfect. At home simple things are sometimes much better!!

  1. In DC it is SO hard to get reservations for valentine’s day unles you book a month or more out. So a few years back my husband and I started doing Valentine’s Day Brunch instead, sometimes going out the weekend before if it fell on a weekday. On the actual day we usually stay in and cook steaks together. It is been much less stressful this way 🙂

    1. Yes you always have to plan so far ahead for reservations!! I love your brunch idea though, I should try that on the weekend. Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s!!

    1. It’s definitely less stressful to relax at home. Especially when Valentine’s falls in the middle of the week this year. Hope you have a great Valentine’s!

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