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The perfect white headphones, comfortable, great sound, bluetooth, Specter wirelessI don’t know about you but it can be a task to find comfortable headphones.  So many styles and brands out there it’s overwhelming.  For me, I want a pair that are stylish, not too bulky and easy to wear.  When Specter Wireless sent these fabulous Elux pair for me to try, I knew they would be perfect.

Pretty white with gold detail wireless headphones, Specter wireless, bluetooth

My first impression was how sleek they were. The feminine pearl white finish with the pretty gold accent can be worn with anything from active wear to office attire.  For the gentlemen in your life, they are also available in a rich slate color.

The ear piece is soft leather and incredibly comfortable.  The last thing you need are sore ears after listening to your favorite song or chatting on the phone.

White Wireless headphones, Specter wireless, bluetooth

Here are some of the fantastic features these headphones offer:

  • wireless up to 33 feet
  •  Bluetooth equipped
  • HD microphone
  • noise isolation
  • weather/water resistant
  • 12+ hours of sound
  • hands-free clear phone calls
  • headset controls for music and calls

Nowadays, we rely on Bluetooth technology, especially in the car, letting us drive hands-free and without distraction.  Definitely the most important aspect for me.  I can answer calls right from the head-set.  The sound is so clear, I can listen and respond without any issues!

I love listening to music, especially when I’m working out.  Whether I’m walking the dog or doing cardio, these headphones fit snugly and play all the beats with a rich sound!  Music motivates me to keep going!

The best thing is, my hubby and I just booked a family beach vacation, and I can finally bring my own pretty and comfortable headphones on the plane.  I don’t need to share my man’s anymore.  Can’t wait to enjoy a flight while listening to whatever playlist I want.  And, since the headphones are water resistant, I can relax by the pool without a worry!

The high quality sound and clarity of the headphones is incredible.  They make a perfect gift!!  Check out their website for more info!

Have a fabulous weekend!



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