Drugstore beauty productsAre you ever interested in what beauty products others are using?  I’m always reading about new products from all the lovely beauty bloggers out there, and I want to try them all, if that was possible, lol!  I have a make up routine that I use daily.   Special occasions call for a more glam look but I want to focus on the day to day.  I haven’t featured everything I use but I have picked a few staple items that are a must for me.  All are my own opinions and personal picks!

Make up forever grey shadow

Make Up Forever – Artist Shadow Steel

Grey shadow has always been in my make up bag.  I use this to cover my entire lid for a darker dramatic look, OR I use it as a liner to create a subtler and less harsh line.  It also gives that smoky eye effect.  There have been a few brands I have used in the past and loved, but now I’m all about this Make Up Forever pressed shadow.  It lasts all day long and doesn’t crease.  The formula is easily blend able and rich in color.  It comes in 5 finishes, matte, metallic, satiny, iridescent and diamond and endless shades!  It is available at Sephora at a price point of $26.

Rimmel black liquid eye liner

Rimmel Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner has become one of my favorite things.  I used to shy away from it because it seemed so hard to put on.  I thought you had to be so precise and it seemed difficult to do.  To be honest I started using it a couple years ago after I began applying it to my daughter for dance competitions.  Yes, she’s a tiny little thing but competitive dance requires stage make up and I purchased this Rimmel Exaggerate liner in black to try.  It’s super easy to put on myself as well as my tiny dancer.  This stuff stays on ALL day.  Even after my daughter wipes her eyes (yikes).  It’s also easy to remove at the end of the day.  Plus, it is very affordable and under $10!!

Loreal Telescopic mascara

L’Oreal mascara – Telescopic Carbon Black

Mascara is my thang!! Seriously I NEVER leave the house without it on.  If there’s one thing I rely on it’s mascara.  There are a million choices out there and I’ve tried several brands including the ones that are expensive (like $30+) and I wasn’t quite happy.  Finally, while visiting my bestie, she introduced me to this Telescopic mascara.  It has a thin rubber wand that grabs your lashes like no other.  I personally don’t like the big thick brushes they don’t catch my lashes enough.  I like my lashes thick and of course long and this works for me.  My lashes naturally curl up so I don’t need that extra step.  This mascara is a great price – it’s approx. $11.

Sephora blush

Sephora Blush

Finding a blush that is the right color and shade is important.  While perusing Sephora I came across this gorgeous shade.  It’s a pretty pink and goes on smooth.  It’s $19 and has lasted me months.  I love the color and there are so many to choose from you can find the one that suits you!

Rimmel eye make up remover is the best

Rimmel Eye Make up Remover

The right eye make up remover is crucial.  I like to use a separate remover for my eyes to really get it all.  I avoid the oily removers and love this Rimmel Just Let it Go.  It doesn’t irritate my eyes and gets all the mascara and liner off no problem.  If you are the waterproof make up kind of gal, then this will work for you too!  My skin is slightly sensitive and this remover is gentle.  I apply on a cotton pad and then carefully wipe my eyes.  Another great price point – it’s under $10.

Revlon nail polish in Bubbly

Revlon Bubbly Nail Polish

Pretty nails!! Right now I have dark green nails, and I love using fun colors like blue, and orange, but the majority of the time I have some shade of pink on.  I’m a girl that love the color pink.  Every since I was a little girl it was my color of choice.  I picked up this Revlon Bubbly a couple weeks ago at Walmart and it’s just what I wanted.  This photo doesn’t show you the color exactly, and I couldn’t capture it the way I wanted, but click the link to see a more accurate photo on the Revlon site!  Again affordable price and under $10.

There you have it!! Some of my favorites that are not only excellent quality and reliable, but affordable as well.  You can purchase them at your local drugstore, Walmart and Sephora!  They make great stocking stuffers too!!

If you try some of these out, let me know your thoughts!!! If you have any recommendations that I should try, leave them in the comments below!


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